OpenWrt - Rilasciata Attitude Adjustment (12.09 final)

Rilasciata la tanto attesa 12.09 final Attitude Adjustment :smiley:

Molte le novità, le più importanti sono:

  • Dropped support for legacy Broadcom target (brcm-2.4)
  • Switched to Kernel 3.3
  • Switched to uClibc
  • Switched x86 images from ext2 to ext4 filesystem
  • Improved parallel building support
  • New netifd implementation to replace the old script based network configuration system
  • Switched to shadow passwords
  • Support for external overlay filesystems in release images
  • Various firewall enhancements
  • Wireless driver updates and stability improvements
  • Experimential support for 5 and 10 MHz channels in ath5k and ath9k
  • Package updates and dependency fixes
  • New target support: ramips, bcm2708 (Raspberry Pi) and others
  • Support for further router models
  • Support for building with eglic instead of uClibc
  • Support for 6RD configuration
  • Support for bridge firewalling in release images

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